New Croton Review

The New Croton Review is published by the Croton Council on the Arts (CCoA) . It includes poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, artwork, and photography. If you have unpublished work that falls into any of these categories, the process and guidelines for submissions are explained by Clicking Here. The submission deadline for the Spring 2023 Issue is Sat, Apr.15.

The current issue (Fall 2022) was published on Nov.23, 2022 as a printed journal (color), an electronic book (color), and as a Kindle™ book (B/W). Inside are 70 works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual art, and photography; from 54 people from all over the US. It's an outstanding collection of creative work, so check it out today! Just search for New Croton Review in your favorite book-reading app, or go to one of the following links or stores:
You can get a FREE digital copy by subscribing today! Whenever a new issue is published, you'll receive an email with a links similar to the ones above. There is no charge for subscribing or downloading a digital issue (from Google Play and Apple Books), and you can unsubscribe at any time. To create your subscription, Click Here.

Some will remember the original Croton Review (click here to see a sample), published during the 1980s by the Croton Council on the Arts (CCoA). It became a nationally heralded publication, and many people lamented its passing. It is with great pleasure that the CCoA has embarkied on the exciting, albeit challenging, task of publishing it's successor: the New Croton Review.